Below are the competitions that you can take part in.

Applying 15-29 October. Results 8 of November

Participation fee: 1200 rubles.

In the participant's package:
- diploma,
- appreciation letter,
- review on your work from expert council with recomendations.


II International competition of theatrical art "VELVET & LIGHT"

15 October 2021 year - 29 October 2021 year

Dear artists, your next appearance on the virtual stage will take place within the framework of the new theater project of the ARTCODE platform. Every artist is familiar with this amazing, strong thread that connects the viewer and the actor. This thread cannot be seen with the eyes, only with the heart. She engages everyone in the room in the story, makes them co-authors, deeply in tune with each other. They divide the hall in half: some live in the spotlight. Others are watching intently, sitting in velvet capes in selected seats of the auditorium.

The organizers of the project are:
CA Triumph - TO "Triumph", CID UNESCO member
Innovative educational platform ARTCOMPASS

- an international diploma without specifying information on the extramural nature of the project,
- personalized review of the competition material signed by the expert council,
- Letters of thanks are provided to teachers.

Grants for travel to the organizer's competitions in the 2021/22 academic year, free training on the ARTCOMPASS online platform, free participation in other Triumph TO online contests, gifts from partners, an exclusive invitation to the FossArt International Prize with a prize fund of 1,000,000 rubles


Preservation and development of multinational culture traditions; The identification and full support of the most talented and promising children and young people in the field of the arts; Attracting Orphanages, children with disabilities to the creativity of pupils; Experience exchange between collectives, mentors and teachers, support of permanent creative contacts between them, their unification in the framework of the festival movement; Increase of professional skills of heads of collectives and teachers (holding seminars, round tables and master classes); Attracting attention from state, international, commercial and public organizations to the problems of creative teams and performers; Coverage of the creativity of children and youth in the media. 

THEATRICAL CREATIVITY: miniature, an excerpt from a play, a musical, artistic reading, a conference, an actor's song, a puppet theater, a music theater, a fashion theater.

Up to 6 years; from 7 to 8 years; from 9 to 10 years; from 11 to 12 years; from 13 to 15 years; from 16 to 18; from 19 to 25 years; over 25 years old; mixed group.

In the team of each age category, no more than 30% of participants younger or older than the specified age range are allowed. For example, in a team declared in the age category of 9-10 years, up to 30% of the composition may be less than 9 years old or over 10 years old.

1. Only video recordings of a live performance filmed on stage on a static camera (without editing elements, gluing frames, overlaying audio tracks) are allowed for the competition.
2. One performance - one video
3. It is not allowed to stop the video camera during the recording of the performance.
4. Filming must be no more than 2 years old.
5. Video recordings of low quality, incl. records with a resolution of less than 720 pixels are not allowed to participate.
6. The video recordings of the nomination participants must show the hands, feet and faces of the contestants.

The competition performance must be published by the participant ONLY on the website or and have open access (publication of the number on social networks is not allowed). Placement on Vimeo is also allowed.

The publication of material on other resources may lead to errors (closed profile in social networks, expiration of the material storage period, etc.) and incorrect display of data, which may lead to inadmissibility to the competition, the responsibility for which lies with the participant.

The only exceptions are works sent in the nominations "Decorative and Applied Art", "Fine Art". Materials in these categories must be placed in the online storage: file hosting, Yandex Drive, Google Drive, Cloud Mail and others.

To submit applications in the genre "Dance Creativity", you must provide material that meets the following requirements:
- the video shows only the competitive performance of the artists (recording of the entire concert is not allowed);
- shooting must be done in color mode;
- the competitive performance must be recorded on stage in the stage costumes provided for by the number (performances on the street, in the gym / without costumes significantly reduce the imagery of the performance and affect the assessment of the performance);
- the description of the competition number in the application must necessarily contain the name of the number, musical accompaniment, name of the head.

By sending a link to the video, the participant automatically confirms his consent to the use of the material by third parties (organizers, jury members, other participants in the competition), as well as to post the video on the organizer's website. The participant is responsible for the correctness of the materials provided and their descriptions. Materials that do not meet the competition requirements can be removed from the competition by the organizing committee.

In the nomination "Theatrical creativity" the groups present an excerpt from the performance with a total duration of up to 45 minutes.

If the specified requirements and timing are not met, the jury has the right to remove the team (soloist) from participating in the competition.

Each team, participant of the competition can take part in any number of nominations.


The expert council headed by the chairman is formed and approved by the organizing committee of the competition from well-known artists, teachers of prestigious universities, directors, leaders of creative teams, cultural and art workers.

Chairman of the Expert Council:

Sergey Melnikov (Russia, Moscow) - Honored Worker of Culture of the Moscow Region, ballet dancer of the State Dance Ensemble "Russia", ballet dancer of the military song and dance ensemble of the Moscow Military District of Air Defense, member of the Moscow City Expert Council on Choreography.

In the expert council:

Alexey Kuzmenko (Russia, Sochi) - Laureate of the Moscow Government Prize in the field of culture, artist of the State Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble named after V.I. Eliseeva. Director, choreographer of the television musical project "Academy of Stars". Recipient of a commemorative medal "For significant contribution to the preparation and holding of the XXII Olympic Winter Games" and the XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 in Sochi.

Oleg Abakumov (Russia, Volgograd) - Associate Professor of the Department of Choreography of the Volgograd State Institute of Arts and Culture ". Choreographer, choreographer of the Volgograd State Don Cossack Theater, laureate of foreign and all-Russian competitions

Anatoly Zhuravlev (Russia, Kostroma) - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Soloist of the Russian national ballet "Kostroma".

Competitive performances of participants are evaluated according to generally accepted criteria: technical mastery (according to nomination and age), artistry, complexity of repertoire, creation of artistic image, etc. 

The winners are determined in accordance with the decision of the jury, based on the points reflected in the protocols. The jury's decision is final and not subject to appeal, change.

The winners of the competition and holders of special prizes among the participants will be revealed 15 days after the end of the acceptance of applications for the competition.

Draw your attention to!
Diplomas indicating the awarded degree and nominal reviews for competitive works are formed in turn according to the competition lists and will be sent to ALL participants in the competition within 7 days from the date of the announcement of the winners of the competition.

All collectives, participants in the festival competition, and soloists are awarded memorable  diplomas. In each nomination and age category, the titles of Laureate I, II, III degrees, as well as the titles of Diplomant I, II III degrees are conferred. Soloists, holders of the Grand Prix, are awarded a free trip to one of the contest-festivals in Europe or Russia; Collectives, owners of the Grand Prix, receive a certificate approved by the certificate, which can be used to travel to one of the festival-competitions in Europe or in Russia. The amount of the grant is used at a time, solely for payment not more than 50% of the cost of the trip. Special diplomas and titles were also established: "Best choreographer", "Best accompanist", "Diploma for Artistry", "Diploma for the youngest participant", "Best teacher", "For the preservation of national cultural traditions".

The cost of participation in the project can be changed by the organizer unilaterally, while all artists who submitted applications before the price change are exempted from any additional payments in favor of the organizer.

Contestants with health limitations, disabled people, children from orphanages and boarding schools, children from large families are admitted on preferential terms with supporting documents.

Diploma, personal review on work, as well as an appreciation letter are provided to the participants in electronic form.

To participate in the competition, you must fill out an application and pay the registration fee.

You can apply only via official website. After filling out the application form and clicking the "Send and Pay" button, the participant will automatically be redirected to the page for payment of the registration fee. Payment is made by credit card on the site instantly.

After the payment is made, the payer will receive 2 letters to the email address specified during registration:

1. Letter notifying that the application has been accepted. Use this letter for further communication with the organizing committee.

2. A letter with a receipt stating the payment you made.


*After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the payment page